FAS Reports

FAS provides the ability to generate those detailed reports that are required quarterly by the government or private funders. Your accounting software can provide quarterly total account amounts but it cannot break them down by job position. FAS can. Its database holds all your actuals by employee and position, broken down by funding sources percentages.

There are reports to check your payroll and the automatic updating of your employee status changes from ADP. When you do a batch re-class of funding sources for multiple employees, FAS provides a report of the categories and amounts that are being re-classed. You can see the employee payroll history broken down by all allocations that have been applied for any time period or the current allocations – with all historical allocations summed.

FAS uses Crystal Reports as its reporting tool. Other reports include an Agency Position Report, a Project Allocation Report, a Project Position Report, a Payroll Position Change report, a job position vacancy report, and several comparison reports of actuals and the amount budgeted. FAS can add additional customized reports based upon the requirements of your funders or on other needs your organization might have. In New York, for example, FAS produces the HASA and DoHMH reports that the municipal government requires of social service agencies.

Export Data for Further Analysis

  • FAS provides a mechanism for you to create a customized set of data selected by time periods and categories in the system such as projects, accounts, job positions. The data can be transferred to MS Access database tables or Excel spreadsheets for further reports and analysis. This data is separated from your actuals database so changes will not affect the data in your system.
  • In addition to actuals history, FAS can show you all the positions each employee has held and the length of time in each position. Or FAS can show you all employees that have held a particular job position and the length of time in each.